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Bay Area Photographers Collective

On June 11th, I became the proud member of the BAPC, a group of extremely talented photographers. Check out the website here.

"The Bay Area Photographers Collective is grounded in the belief that there is a need for an institution devoted to the development of a photographic community and its concerns. The Collective provides a home base for Bay Area photographers devoted to their art. The Collective  promotes and encourages independence, experimentation, cooperation, and creativity. It  sustains a community of photographic artists through support, spiritual sustenance, encouragement, and constructive critique. It pursues the exhibition of members’ work on a professional level. The Collective is a nonprofit, cooperative organization that is wholly supported by its members, and does not rely on outside funding for its existence or day-to-day operations.

History In January 1999, a group of San Francisco Bay Area photographers, inspired and led by documentary photographer and teacher Frank Espada (1930-2014), met to create a community of photographic artists. 

Our first group exhibit took place October 1999 as part of San Francisco Open Studios, followed by four other group shows in 1999, 2000, and 2001. In April 2001, BAPC attained federal tax-exempt status.

We continue our active pursuit of photography by hosting monthly portfolio reviews, bimonthly salons, and frequent workshops, artist talks, and exhibition opportunities.

Currently, we comprise today 20 photographers, working in all aspects of the photographic arts."

Thank you for reading! Stay safe and healthy :-)

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