Nathalie Strand Photography

I am constantly taking photographs. I might not even be holding a camera. I could be in a deep conversation with a friend. I could be watching a movie. I could be driving. I would still be taking photographs. Looking is for me an active process. My brain goes a hundred miles per hour and analyzes everything it sees. During photo trips, a compulsion takes over me: a hunger to capture everything. I look up, down, sideways, upside-down and back, and you will often find me lying on the ground or up in a tree. I take as many photographs as I can. Back in the studio, I feel the itch to immediately sort and edit, then share them with the world. There is urgency in my creative process. A sense of exaltation, an obsession, an impulsive drive, a necessity. When I work, time stops, but at the same time it accelerates. I feel great joy as I get absorbed and focused.


I work with high resolution photography, which allows me to print in large formats. I print them on aluminum. This medium infuses dyes with heat directly into coated aluminum sheets. This process not only gives longevity to photographs, but also gives them a beautiful luminescence. My aluminum prints are bold, vibrant and feel 3-dimensional. My photographs come alive through the illusion that they are lit from within.